"Following Frank: Saucy Intonations of Miami's Pizza King"
By Cesar Becerra, Edited by Oria McAuliff

Following Frank: Saucy Intonations
of Miami's Pizza King

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On the edge of a tomato field on Valentine's day in 1955 a stubborn but ambitious Frank B. Pasquarella opened a tiny pizza shop with his new bride Doreen. Never mind that the Everglades were a few blocks away and that most of Miami lay miles inland. Frank had a dream - and a hunch - that the growing population would boom around him. And that it did.

Forty years later, a young historian named Cesar Becerra saw the same gem of an opportunity. Where others saw a rambling old man, he saw a moment to peer into the brain and character of Miami's undisputed pizza king.

For the next year, Becerra lugged a heavy Panasonic VHS recorder and "Followed Frank" to just about every conceivable place including multiple stops at his beloved pizza shop - his home away from home.

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